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82 Porsche 928 Alternator Wiring - AL325 alternator on Porsche 928: Replacement of the back cover duct is very important to ensure proper cooling. If the connecting air hose is split, torn or damaged, it must be replaced. Premature failure of the Alternator due to overheating will be caused by not following the described procedure and will void the warranty. _____. This guide is for use in conjunction with legal copies of the Porsche 928 Factory Workshop Manuals. No affiliation with Porsche AG or Porsche Cars North America Inc. I can accept no responsibility for the outcome of any actions taken based the information presented in this document.. Porsche 928 Alternators do their job by converting kinetic energy produced in the engine into electrical power, which is then stored in the battery of the car. Your Porsche 928 Alternator translates engine energy into 12-volt electrical power and stores it in the battery..

Porsche 928 alternator connections. Step 2 – Check the voltage on the battery Making sure that the vehicle is turned off first, use a multi meter to check the voltage on the battery.. IDENTIFICATION: The engine wiring harness begins at the inside right-front fender of the Porsche® 928 at a 14-pin connector there, and covers the entire motor and all of its its systems (starter, starter solenoid, alternator, oil pressure sending unit, oil level sending unit, Warm-up regulator, cold-start valve, A/C clutch, auxiliary air valve, and more) except injectors (which have their own. FACTORY SERVICE MANUALS. Porsche 928 Factory Manual - Table of Contents: Download. Porsche 928 Factory Manual - Volume 1: Download. Porsche 928 Factory Manual - Volume 1a: Download. Porsche 928 Wiring Diagram - 1985: Download. Porsche 928 Wiring Diagram -.

Porsche 928 1982, Alternator Shroud by Genuine®. If your starting and charging system parts are in need of repair, don’t compromise the performance and safety of your car with suspect, off-brand replacement parts from the local auto. page 1. wiring current flow diagram type 928 usa model 82 part i power supply, starter ignition fuel pump part ii fuel injection system part ill ignition/starter switch, light switch headlight part iv headlight, parking light fog light, license plate light front turn signal hazard. Disconnecting the red wire in my case it is a light tan wire with a spiral marker because of being rewired from a 912 to a 911 in 1970 from the external regulator and ensuring it is connected to the blue wire to the tach will provide the proper connection for the Valeo internal regulator to the tachometer..

Porsche 928 Electrical FAQ Porsche 928 Alarm. Question. Hi Folks, ’82 928 auto. In a response dated: 9/21/00 or it is not accurately measuring battery voltage due to a wiring problem. The regulator/alternator uses the battery as a reference voltage and voltage stabilizer, and having the battery come disconnected while the alternator. Wiring Diagram Type 928 S Model 86 The wiring diagram comprises nine individual wiring diagrams. They are subdivided into coordinate fields. Each individual wiring diagram comprises a part of the central electrical system within a dash-dot frame.. When replacing original alternator, Refer to Technical Bulletin group 27 #82-02 2/12/82/ Remove External V/Reg Models w/External V/Reg, Cut and disconnect DF (Field Wire) from Wiring Harness, Connect Blue Wire to Terminal 61, Connect Brown Ground Wires to D- Terminal, Connect Red Wire.

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